September 9th - Roving

Saltwater Tea Party

We did record this once, I have changed the form and added an intro. The form on the Midi Version is correct. 3 open sections

Saltwater tea party – Parts PDF

Audio Version – mp3

Midi Version – mp3

Pelvic Penuckle

Once again, we did record this. arrangement has slightly changed.

The midi version is per the chart. Does anyone feel like a sing?

02 Pelvic Penuckle – altered bridge – Parts

Audio Version – MP3

Midi Version – MP3


Per the recording, once again an opportunity for some megaphone action. The Baritone is the boss in the circus bit.

Catarina – Parts PDF

Homeless Robot!

Updated from the recording, the form is the sameish. Midi version matches the chart

Homeless Robot! – Parts PDF

Audio Version Mp3

Midi Version Mp3

Big Fat Hoodoo May

No audio version available 

Big Fat Hoodoo Man – Parts PDF

Midi Version MP3

Fire in the Hole

This is an instrumental Hoodoo Song and a Pugsley Vocal song, music doesn’t change. 

Fire in the Hole – Parts PDF

Vocal Audio Version – MP3

Midi instrumetnal version – MP3


Lead Sheet only, 6 beat horn break intro. End with the same break

No Sound

Chacooba – Bb PDF

Chacooba – Concert PDF

Axe No Questions

No Audio available, chart matches Midi

Axe no questions – Parts PDF

Midi Version MP3

Vodkidis Raptureminus

09 Vodkidis Raptureminus – Parts

Clamour Banger

No Audio available, chart matches Midi


Do-Wop That Thing

Lauryn Hill

11 Doo Wop – Parts


Tropical Smash Back

14 Tropical Smashback – Parts